Face masks are the new normal. As we all are aware about the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 and how adversely it has changed the way we used to live. Due to the alarming rate of contamination of this virus, it is almost mandatory for everyone to wear a good quality face masks so as to avoid getting contaminated by the same.

When this deadly virus hit the world, it became impossible for anyone to move out without wearing a face mask. The high risk of getting contaminated by the virus made almost everyone step out with a safety mask. But ever thought, the face mask you are using, assuming it might protect you against Corona-virus, is going to prove effective? Well, using a normal surgical mask or a fabric mask will help till some extent, but Doctors suggest using a good quality N95 anti-dust cup shape face masks which is widely used for anti-dust, anti-flu and anti-infection.
The N95 mask is known to be highly effective in protecting you against the virus and any other flu or infection. It’s an accepted fact now that Covid-19 is not going any soon, and so it is vital to protect your loved ones as well yourself against contamination of the same.

Anhui Gusheng is dedicatedly working towards providing its customers face masks to protect them against Covid-19. We provide a wide range of face masks which is made keeping in view the EU and USA standard. The most preferred among the face masks is Anti-dust cup shape face masks which is a N95 Disposable fold valve mask. We provide a wide range of EU Standard and USA Standard folding mask with valve, flat folding mask, fold mask, flat mask, 3D folding mask for you to choose. We have plenty of stocks for you to choose.
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Features of the Anti-Dust Cup Shape Face Masks:

1. Material of the mask is Non woven PP
2. Size: 17.5×9.3cm, 17.5×9.5cm, or as per customers’ requirement
3. We have an exclusive range from white, green, blue, pink, grey and so on. other colors are also available.
4. The mask comes with elastic earloop or with ties on.
5. Usually 3ply, 2ply and 4ply are also available for different requirement
6. Nose bar: Single aluminum strip or double aluminum strip
7. Economic, light, Non-irritating, Comfortable to wear
8. Prevent contamination from bacteria, dust, or coughing

Protect yourself and your Loved Ones by Choosing Anti-dust Cup Shape Face Masks by Anhui Gusheng:

Find exclusive range of N95 disposable fold valve mask and customize the ply as per your own requirement. Choose from a variety of color options, whichever you find best. These masks come with a nose bar, single or double aluminum strip which makes it fit perfectly and doesn’t let you inhale any impurities. Till now, all of us know how uncomfortable it feels after wearing the mask for a long time, but when you choose anti-dust cup shape face masks by www.anhuigusheng.com you will see for yourself, how comfortable and wearable this mask is. It is light-weight and does not let you feel irritated if you wear it for a long time. Despite all of these amazing features, the best part is, this face mask is economic and does not pinch a hole in your pocket.

So head on to www.anhuigusheng.com right away, and place your order without wasting any more time.