Find electric car charger manufacture in China

Car and trains are a very convenient and fast means of transportation. A charger is required when people buy an electric car.However, after a while, a new charger needs to be replaced.There are many types of electric car chargers. If you choose improperly, it will not only damage the charger and battery, but even cause danger. This article will guide you through these differences in order to purchase a charger.

Classification of chargers: Different from transformers without power frequency (50 Hz), they can be divided into two categories.Freight three-wheel chargers generally use chargers with power frequency transformers, which are bulky, heavy and expensive, but reliable and cheap. Electric bicycles and electric motorcycles,using switching power chargers to save power and efficiency. But easy to break.

Look at the original charger to det

ermine the voltage: the general battery voltage is 48V, the corresponding original charger output voltage is about 59V; 60V battery, the corresponding original output voltage is 73.5V. look at the battery judgment voltage: there are several batteries in the general battery pack. The model number is 6-DZM-12/20, which is 6, indicating that each battery is 12V. So, look at your own electric car with a few batteries,

Next, determine the battery capacity AH of the electric vehicle battery or the output current of the original charger.

1 Look at the original charger to determine the capacity: the original charger output current is 1.8A, the battery is 12AH.

2 look at the battery judgment voltage: the battery inside the battery box has a write model, such as 6-DZM-12, 12 indicates that the battery is 12AH, 6-DZM-20, 20 indicates that the battery is 20AH.

3 According to the mileage of charging once run: Generally speaking, the battery of 1 year or so is full of 25-40 kilometers, and the charger of 12AH is more suitable. Running 45-60 kilometers, 20AH is more suitable.

The correct operation of the switching power supply charger is: when charging, first insert the battery, then add the power; When sufficient, turn off the power, then unplug the battery. If you unplug the battery first when charging, especially when the charging current is large (red light), it is easy to damage the charging.