The 15th day of the lunar August is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Ancients believed that the full moon was a symbol of reunion. The round shape mooncakes make people miss their hometown,families and express their vision for a better life.

Mooncakes have a long history in China. As early as the Tang Dynasty, before the 15th day of the lunar August, families would knead the dough, wrap the stuffing in the dough and then press beautiful patterns moon cakes. Last step is putting them into oven to make fragrant mooncakes. Although the process is very simple, it is often the case that the moon cake cannot be poured out of the mold. To solve this problem, ancients add raw flour, animal oil or vegetable oil to make the pressing out much easier. This process is the art of separation. The demolding process involves the integrity and aesthetics of the mooncakes’ shape, which is the key step in the pie making process.

With the Spring breeze of reform and opening up sweeping the land of Shenzhou, we have gradually established and improved modern industrial system. The rural population immigrated to city on a large scale. Fewer people make moon cakes while large number of industrial made moon cake have replaced traditional handmade moon cakes. In the fast and efficient industrial production process, flour or cooking oil are no longer used for degreasing. Factories often choose lubricant release agents to demold moon cake molds. Silicone release agents are the best among all the release agents.

Modern industry prepared Silicone release agent from organosiloxane and applying it in plastics, rubber, food production and other fields.