automatic 12v 6A battery charger circuit board


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automatic 12v 6A battery charger circuit board

Product Feature 

Our 12V6A  auto spare parts battery chargers are suitable for lead-acid batteries , electric cars , golf carts, etc.

1.With 25 years experience on battery charger manufacturer and 16 years in exporting
2.With CE standard
3.offer various grade battery charger at lowest price in China
4.3-stage intelligent charging design
5.Using the most advanced pulse charging technology
6.LCD /  LED  Digital Display Charging Progress

Product Specification

Charging method

  1. When use it, the charger clip connected to the battery positive and negative . Red clip is positive ,black clip is negative .
  2. When charging , the display screen is green running water light .Full screen is all green ,and the charger turn into floating mode . When charging is finished , disconnect the power first .( Such as the charger for single indicator, charging is red ,full is green .)
  3. The charger has anti-reverse connecting protection , short circuit protection , over voltage safety precautions protection .



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