LGK-120A Plasma Source

Model number: LGK-120A

Rated input voltage: 220/380V ±10%   50/60 HZ

Rated input capacity: 22.4KVA

Rated output current: 120A

Rated output voltage: 180V

Current adjusting range: 30-120V

Quantity cutting thickness:0.3-25mm

Cooling type: air cooled

LGK-120A Plasma Source

Product Feature 

LGK-120A  plasma source is used for machining metal in construction machinery ; automobile industry; mining machinery and other related industry. 
Our plasma sources are of long operating life and can achieve EU Standard and USA Standard and


Product Specification

Key accessories are from famous brands;
Soft switch technology improves the IGBT and its reliability and meanwhile invert control power source is small volume, light weight and energy saving;
Air compressor,hydraulic pressure sensor:protecting cutting torch from burnt efficiently;
Two machines‘ parallel use is available,double output current to cut over thickness metal.




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