Yes, pls tell me the max working area, materials for processing and the thickness for materials processing cutting so that I can recommend the suitable plasma machine to you.

All of them are genuine products. Toploong is a famous brand in the industry. All products are guaranteed for one year, and the effect is the best in the industry.

Take 120a as an example, with ordinary p80 cutting gun, it can cut 12mm thickness, with fine cutting gun, it can cut gun

The plasma current of stainless steel with the same thickness needs to be increased by 30% compared with carbon steel

The hardness of stainless steel plate is stronger than that of carbon steel. The machine that can cut 10 mm thick carbon steel can only cut 6 ~ 7 mm stainless steel.

Different plasmas are different. Topron plasma cutting gun can cut 18mm carbon steel with verticality no more than 2mm. The second-line brand can only reach about 15mm, and the verticality is generally between 4 ~ 2mm.

The plasma cutting machines we sell are all 100%

For example, when the rated load duration rate of a plasma machine is 100 a, it means that when the cutting current of the welding machine does not exceed 100 a, it can cut continuously. When the rated load duration rate of a welding machine is 100A 60%, it means that when the welding current is 100A, the maximum continuous cutting time is 6 minutes every 10 minutes, and the minimum rest time is 4 minutes. Otherwise, the welding machine will overheat and overload. The lower the payload, the cheaper the machine.

Air pressure, electric current, cutting nozzle size matching, cutting gun, plasma itself can cause damage

In the process of using, the air pressure needs to match with the current to achieve the best cutting effect, which affects the slag hanging, groove, surface gloss, the quality of the cutting gun, and the cutting ability of the plasma itself, which can cause these problems.

The product is guaranteed for one year.

Different power cutting machine needs different air compressor.

Our products are all machine hand dual-purpose, can use CNC cutting, can also be hand-held cutting gun cutting.

Our plasma cutting machine can be used with any numerical control. It has a very comprehensive interface for numerical control cutting machine and a special interface for matching plasma automatic arc voltage adjustment equipment.

Conventional plasma on the market are 380V power supply, can achieve the maximum cutting capacity and stability, if the need for 220 V power supply plasma is also some, conventional 220 V maximum is 50a, machine can cut 3 mm plate (quality cutting), hand can cut 8 mm plate, if need high power cutting thick plate need to customize.

The mechanical cutting gun is suspended to start the arc. We define the quality cutting as the ability of hanging in the middle of the steel plate to penetrate the steel plate. The edge cutting is the ability of holding the cutting gun on the edge of the steel plate to start cutting. Generally, the edge cutting is twice the quality cutting. The quality cutting is an important factor to measure the quality of plasma, The larger the cutting thickness, the better the plasma quality.