About Us

Anhui Gusheng Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and started from foreign trade. With the increasingly fierce in international business competition, more domestic factories hope to build their own foreign trade business. We have transformed the company's core business since 2015 and now committed to build the most professional and authoritative international trade service platform!
With more than 15 years of international business experience, we provide “one-stop” comprehensive services to help companies shorten their development period of foreign trade and build international trade system rapidly.
Our company has built closed cooperation with manufacturers that have strong competitiveness in the industries of machinery, hardware, daily necessities, chemicals and packaging etc. Both sides have made significant achievements. Factories supplied products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Australia, US, Japan and South Korea and other regions.
Our core competitiveness are:
1. Full-service hosting for factories' foreign trade
2. Professional foreign trade instruction
3. International market researching and development
4. Network promotion and marketing

  • Packaging Industry
  • Machinery Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Personal Protections Industry