Anhui GuSheng Technology Co.,Ltd  was located in Hefei City, Anhui Province and founded in 2007, focuses on advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, serving the metal fine cutting and metal automatic welding industry. In the field of metal fine cutting materials and automatic welding metal materials, it provides global customers with advanced metal materials, products and solutions. Since its establishment, it has made important contributions to the metal cutting and welding industry development.

Our company supports CNC cutting machine label OEM merchants at the beginning of 2015. We designed a new high-precision streamlines portable CNC cutting machine model and the fifth revision of all Chinese and English display ARC regulators.All of our machines has passed CE,CCC certification.

Our Main Products are CNC Cutting machines, Plasma Cutting machines, Plasma Power Sources, Plasma Cutting Torch, laser cutting machine,laser welding machine,laser marking machine and other consumable parts.

The company has established a technological innovation system with the goal of “innovation, reputation, and profit”, and has a research and development team composed of advanced computer algorithms. The company currently has applied for four national invention awards, six utility models, three software copyrights, and three research projects, laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development.

The company’s patented products are all patents that have transformed scientific and technological achievements. All patents have been profitable and have achieved significant social and economic benefits. The company is applying for a high-tech enterprise and is also conducting in-depth cooperation with the Department of Automation and Control of the Hefei University of Technology.