Consumables for portable CNC Flame plasma cutting machine

These configuration parameters are just testing results of the models with 65% loading rate.
Every drop of 10% loading rate would need to increase 10% cutting current in accordance with the table.
This configuration table’ s suggesting current air pressure is 0.45Mpa.
The torch is Black Wolf brand P80 torch with 8 meters long cable.
Different torches and lengths corresponding to different the air pressure.
The longer the cable is the higher the air pressure is.

1. During cutting best distance from nozzle to plate is 2 ~ 3mm, torch to base material inclination angle should be within 5 degrees.
2. Do not start cutting when the cutting tip contacts the base metal.
3. On the following conditions, replace cutting nozzle, electrode
(1). Cut groove becomes large, oblique.
(2). Not arcing but there is airflow output.
(3). Severe discoloration around the cutting section.
(4). Electrode nozzle has a concave shape.
Basic parameters: