portable gantry CNC cutting machine

Technical Date:
Cutting range:2400*3000 mm (can be customized)
Flame Cutting thickness:5-100 mm
(plasma cutting thickness depond on plasma AMPS)
Cutting speed:500-5000mm/minute
Accuracy: 0.5 mm
Working voltage: AC 220/380±10%  50HZ
Rated power: 300W

Unleashing Efficiency and Precision: The Power of Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machine

Exploring Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machine

Portable gantry CNC cutting machines combine the power of computer numerical control (CNC) technology with the versatility and mobility of a portable gantry structure. These machines utilize a computer-controlled cutting head that precisely moves along the gantry, enabling efficient and accurate cutting of various metals.The double sides drive provides stable operation and high work efficiency.

portable gantry cnc cutting machine

Key Features and Advantages of Gusheng portable gantry cnc cutting machine

1 . Precision and Accuracy: Portable gantry CNC cutting machines offer exceptional precision and accuracy, ensuring consistent and high-quality cuts. The computer-controlled system allows for intricate designs and complex shapes with minimal errors, reducing material waste and rework. The Cutting accuracy can reach within  0.5mm.

2 . Versatility: This cnc  cutting machine are designed to handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses. From large metal sheets to delicate non-ferrous metal , portable gantry CNC cutting machine provide the flexibility to accommodate diverse cutting needs across different industries.

3 . Portability: The term “portable” in the machine’s name signifies its ability to be easily transported and set up in different locations. It’s total weight is only 140KGS, and shipment measurement is 1 CBM. This portability enables on-site cutting, making it ideal for industries that require mobility or have space constraints. It also facilitates rapid prototyping and short production runs.

portable gantry cnc cutting machine advantage

4 . Efficiency and Productivity: Portable gantry CNC cutting machines streamline the cutting process, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.
It has Installed the plasma automatic height controller.During the cutting process, the cutting torch can automatically rise and fall according to the unevenness of the steel plate to prevent the cutting torch from crashing, extend the life of the cutting torch, and save costs.

5 . Customization and Flexibility: With the ability to interpret digital design files, portable gantry CNC cutting machines empower businesses to customize and adapt their cutting processes. Changes in designs or specifications can be quickly implemented, allowing for agile manufacturing and meeting customer demands effectively.

6 . The control system has a graphic display function, which can observe the cutting process in real time.And supports 9 languages, it is easier to use your own native language to operate.
With power-off memory function, you can continue cutting after the power on, saving time for cutting from the beginning.
There are 53 kinds of graphics, regular graphics can be directly used, change the size, set the quantity, save the computer drawing time and improve efficiency.

portable gantry CNC cutting machine system
7 . Adopting well-known brand leadshine hybrid servo motor driver, stable operation, low noise and no step loss. (can choose step motor and driver)
Install a special reducer to reduce the speed and increase the torque to make the machine run more smoothly.
Install flame automatic igniter and tempering device to avoid burning hands when igniting with a lighter and explosion due to tempering during cutting to ensure safety.
Install the plasma anti-collision holder, which will automatically stop when the torch hits the steel plate to prevent the torch from crashing and save costs.
The use of professional T-rails ensures the long-term stability of the machine.
Optional remote control, the control distance is 30 meters, the operation is more convenient.
gantry cnc cutting machine structure
8. It can be equipped with various power plasma power sources, 80A,100A 130A 200A 300A 400A, to achieve plasma thick plate cutting. The plasma cutting speed is 3-5 times that of flame cutting, which improves production efficiency.

Applications of Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines

a. Metal Fabrication: Portable gantry CNC cutting machines are widely used in metal fabrication industries, including steel construction, shipbuilding, and automotive. They excel in cutting metal sheets, plates, and  profiles with precision, facilitating the production of components, frames, and structural elements.

b. Signage and Advertising: Portable gantry CNC cutting machines play a crucial role in the signage and advertising industry. They are utilized to cut letters, logos, and shapes from various metals als like Mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal.

c. Prototyping and Product Development: Portable gantry CNC cutting machines are invaluable tools for rapid prototyping and product development. They enable designers and engineers to transform digital designs into physical prototypes quickly. This propability facilitates iterative design processes, accelerates time to market, and reduces development costs.

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small gantry cnc cutting machineConclusion:

Portable gantry CNC cutting machines have become game-changers in the manufacturing industry, offering efficiency, precision, and flexibility in cutting and fabrication processes. With their advanced CNC technology, versatility, and portability, these metal cutting machine empower businesses to optimize productivity, reduce material waste, and meet evolving customer demands. Whether it’s metal fabrication,  signage, or machine manufacturing, portable gantry CNC cutting machines provide the tools needed to stay competitive and unlock new opportunities in today’s dynamic market.

Which CNC cutting machine is suitable for your metal work?

Both plasma cutting and laser cutting  have their strengths and are chosen based on specific application requirements. Plasma cutting is favored for its speed and suitability for thicker materials, while laser cutting machine  excels in precision, versatility, and fine cutting capabilities for thinner materials. Understanding the differences between these methods helps in selecting the most appropriate cutting technology for a given material and application.