LGK-100IGBT industrial air plasma cutter

air plasma cutter cutting thickness

Basic technical parameters:

1. Model number: LGK-100IGBT air plasma cuter

2. Input power: 3-380V  50HZ

3. Rated output current: 100A

4. Rated output voltage: 120V

5. Adjusting range of current:30-100A

6. Maximum cutting thickness: 40mm for steel

7. Quality cutting thickness: 0.3-22mm

8.Cutting torch cooling mode: Air cooling

9. Dimension: 695*320*580mm

10. N.W: 51kg

If you’re a sheet metal worker or maintenance pro looking for an air plasma cutter that delivers day in and day out, the LGK series air plasma cutter from Anhui Gusheng Technology could be your new reliable partner. This 100-amp plasma cutting machine cuts a wide variety of steels, aluminum and more with productive speeds and precision cutting capabilities.

80A air plasma cutter

Powerful Yet Affordable 100-Amp Plasma Cutting

Many competitors charge a premium for 100A output or more, but Gusheng Technology designed the  air plasma cutting machine to be as affordable as our lower-powered models. The inverter-based cutting power remains smooth and stable despite lighter pricing. The compact yet robust power source withstood years of testing in our facilities and is still going strong after thousands of cuts on the job.

High-Productivity Cuts of Steels and More

With a maximum thickness of 12mm on carbon steels and 16mm on aluminum, the CNC plasma cutting machine for steel lets you slice efficiently through common fabrication materials. Its powerful cutting speeds let you make quick work of any job while minimizing consumables usage. Thanks to our efficient circuit design, you’ll also experience lower overall energy costs versus alternative methods.

Intuitive Touchscreen Simplifies Cutting

Operation is made simple through the user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen interface. Set cutting modes, pierce delay, taper/offset cutting and more with the tap of a finger. Our exclusive HD Plasma technologies optimize torch settings for clean, dross-free cuts on even challenging materials like stainless. A library of common patterns lets you repeat cuts in an instant.

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Modular Design Maximizes Uptime

Built from the ground up for high reliability, key modules like the main boards are fully interchangeable if servicing is required. But our industrial-grade components are engineered to last with minimal maintenance needed. Remote diagnostics help us address any issues quickly to get you cutting again ASAP.

air plasma cutter advantage

In conclusion, if your budget and needs call for a capable 100-amp plasma cutting machine, look no further than the dependable LGK100A air plasma cutter. We back it with our industry-leading service and support to keep your production running seamlessly for years to come. Contact us today for a quote!

LGK-100IGBT plasma cutter advantage:

All the core soares are from famous brands

Soft switch technology improves the IGBT and its reliability

Invert control power source:small volume light weight and energy saving

Air compressor,hydraulic pressure sensor:protecting cutting torch from burnt efficiently.

Two machines parallel use is available,double output current to cut over thickness metal.