Gantry CNC cutting machine

Model number: TPL 3*6
Cutting range:2500*5500mm
Cutting speed:up to 6000 mm/minute
Cutting thickness:  1-30mm for plasma cutting and 5-150mm for flame cutting
Accuracy: 0.2mm
Working voltage: AC 220/380V  ±10%  50HZ
Rated power: 800W ( plasma source and air compressors are not included)
Gantry CNC cutting machine are more stable  than  portable and cantilever CNC cutting machines, It can add multiple cutting torches and even realize multi head straight strip cutting.
Compared with the Portable CNC cutting macchine,it has the advantage as below:
The industrial control machine and motion control card cooperate to complete the control function of the control system. The motor driver of the control system can realize chopping constant current subdivision drive, improve the motor motion accuracy, and better solve the heating problem of high torque drive. The peripheral control circuit is composed of PLC and relay. Its output can control the solenoid valve and contactor coil of the gas circuit to realize the sequential control of the gas circuit. CNC flame cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency, high-precision and reliable thermal cutting equipment which combines computer control, precision mechanical transmission, oxygen and gas cutting technology.It can be aslo connected with plasma to be as plasma cutter method.
Application fields:
It is a new type of automatic equipment for high-precision steel plate thermal cutting in shipbuilding, steel structure, electric power, boiler, rolling stock, petrochemical and other manufacturing industries. Products are mainly used in shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing, container manufacturing, construction, bridges, machinery, steel structure manufacturing and other fields of plate, pipe and wire type metal materials for computer-controlled CNC flame cutting machine.
Applicable meterials:
Gantry CNC cutting machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and various non-ferrous metals.gantry CNC cutting machinegantry CNC cutting machine advantage gantry CNC cutting machine software gantry CNC cutting machine nesting software gantry CNC cutting machine graphics gantry CNC cutting machine ARC HTC METAL CUTTING MACHINE gantry CNC cutting machine for metal flame cutting gantry CNC cutting machine Plasma gantry CNC cutting machine CNC cutting machine