TPL-1530 portable CNC plasma cutting machine

1. Small landing occupation,Light weight, easy installation and operation.
2. Flame cutting and plasma cutting dual function.
3. High precision, fast speed, narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, the cutting face smooth without burr.
Technical date sheet:
Model number :TPL-1525/1530/1560
Cutting range:1500*2500 mm(3000mm/6000mm)
Cutting thickness:Flame 5-100mm(plasma cutting thickness deponds on plasma Amp)
Cutting speed:2000-6000mm/minute
Accuracy: 0.2 mm
Working voltage: AC 220/380±10%  50HZ
Rated power: 300W
1.Portable CNC plasma cutting machine  can be programmed to cut any plane shape part, functions are same as  gantry CNC cutting machine,but much smaller landing occupation and more convenient for moving, it is simple installation and operation.It is directly perceived and very easy to learn(provide one to one teaching).
2. It can be programmed to cutting parts directly, and also can be operated in computer translating instructions into a program file by CAD program, and then deducing it via U hardware.
3. The standard positioning of this machine is flame cutting, external hanging plasma cutter is also workable.
Application fields:
The Portable  CNC cutting machine  can be Used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances,  tube fittings, automobile, food machinery, textile machinery,engineering machinery, recision parts, ships,metallurgy equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration,advertising, metal processing and other manufacturing industries.
Applicable materials:
Mild steel ,carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal.
Details machine components:
1.Special system of 7-inch true color screen for CNC cutting machine (brand: Shanghai Jiaotong University)
2.High power solenoid valve
3.double switch 16A relay(brand:Hongfa )
4.Flame /plasma cutting dual purpose
5.Electric height regulator (Z-axis)

6.leisai drive(Brand:Beijing Skoda or Shenzhen )
7.stepper motor (Beijing Skoda or Japan Shino )
8.Expert nesting software(Brand: Zhige or Shanghai Fangling)
9. Industrial high power switching power supply
10. Reinforced aluminum alloy crossbeam (x-axis) (internal mold forming oxygen, gas aluminum alloy pipeline)
11.Thickened integral industrial aluminum alloy guide rail (Y axis)
12.F1621 double screen arc voltage regulator (flame plasma dual purpose)(Brand:Jiaoda Fangling )
13.Oxygen + gas cutting torch assembly (including 3-way stop valve) (1 set)
14.Longitudinal fixing screws (4 screws)
15.Flame cutting nozzle (1 piece)
16.High temperature heat insulation board (1 piece)
17.3meters national standard extended power cord (1 piece)
18.Plasma switch control line (1 piece)
19.Lifting body solenoid valve control line (1 piece)
20.Instruction manual of CNC cutting machine (including arc voltage regulator)
21.Self locking wooden box +EPE environmental protection foam
portable CNC cutting machine rail

portable CNC cutting machine arm
inside display
inside display 2
portable CNC cutting machine software portable CNC cutting machine graphics ARC THC
portable CNC cutting machine SYSTEM