Panel Laser Cutting Machine

1.What is the laser cutting machine?
Laser cutting machine focuses the laser emitted from the laser into a laser beam with high power density through the optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point. At the same time, the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or gasified metal.
With the movement of the relative position between the beam and the workpiece, the material will finally form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.
2.What is the advantage of the laser cutting machine?
Compared with CNC flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine,it has the below advantages:
1) the speed is faster.
2) the slit is more narrow.
3) the heat-affected zone is smaller,
4) the verticality of the slit edge is better,
5) the cutting edge is more smooth.
3. What is the meterials the  laser cutting machine  can be cut?
widely used in automobiles, machinery, electricity, hardware and electrical appliances etc, can cut Mild steel ,carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal.

MACHINE PAREMETERS:cnc laser cutting machine


Laser Cutting Head
Autofocus Laser Cutting Head,the focus can be adjusted automatically, suitable for a variety of focal lengths, no need manual, convenient, fast and accurate.

The same laser head can quickly change focusing lenses with different focal lengths to meet the cutting of different thickness plates.

Adopts compound lens and built-in water cooling structure, suitable for various lasers and various systems.

laser cutting machine

Plate welding bed

Stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, it also increases the resistance and stability of the guide rail so as to effectively avoid the deformation of the bed.High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensuring 20 years of use without distortion; Thickness of rectangular pipe wall is 10mm and weights 4000 kg.

fiber laser cutting machine

Cast aluminum beam

It is manufactured with aerospace standards . After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6 which is the strongest strength of all gantries. Aviation aluminum has many advantages, such as good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, low density, and greatly increase the processing speed.

cnc laser machine

Sample display

laser cutting machine cutting effect