Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630

Technical parameters:

1.  Direct cutting torches and effective cutting width: 80-3200mm
2.  The effective cutting width of CNC cutting torches: 3000mm
3.  Track length: 16500mm
4.  The effective cutting length: 16000mm
5.  Cutting speed: 50-1000mm/min
6.  Quick-return speed: 4000mm/min
7.  The CNC cutting torch: 2 groups
8.  Cutting torch with increased electric and automatic ignition device
9.  The cutting thickness: < 30mm for plasma cutting and 5-100mm for oxygen flame cutting
10. Cutting gas: Oxygen, acetylene or propane
11.  Accuracy: ±0.2mm
12. The cutting surface roughness: Ra12.5~25
13. Drive: all-digital vector AC servo motor drive

Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630


Product Specification

1. Stable and durable system

2. Heavy duty track;

3. Pure copper solenoid valves

4. Applying 95mm horizontal guide rails to enhance the stability