Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630

Technical parameters:
1.  Direct cutting torches and effective cutting width: 80-3200mm
2.  The effective cutting width of CNC cutting torches: 3000mm
3.  Track length: 1650mm
4.  The effective cutting length: 1600mm
5.  Cutting speed: 50-1000mm/min
6.  Quick-return speed: 4000mm/min
7.  The CNC cutting torch: 2 groups
8.  Cutting torch with increased electric and automatic ignition device
9.  The cutting thickness: < 30mm for plasma cutting and 5-100mm for oxygen flame cutting
10. Cutting gas: Oxygen, acetylene or propane
11.  Accuracy: ±0.2mm
12. The cutting surface roughness: Ra12.5~25
13. Drive: all-digital vector AC servo motor drive

The Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630 is a cutting-edge tool for metalworking, offering numerous advantages that make it a top choice for businesses.

This portable CNC cutting machine is designed to provide precise and efficient cutting, making it suitable for a variety of applications. But what exactly are the advantages of using the Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630 ? Let’s find out.
First and foremost, this Portable cnc plasma cutter offers exceptional portability. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it ideal for on-site projects or small workshops. This feature not only saves space but also increases flexibility in production.
TPL1630 portable cnc cutting machine

Another major advantage of the Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630  is its advanced CNC technology. This CNC metal cutting machine is equipped with a Fangling F1621 arc voltage automatic height adjuster, providing stable performance and a new dynamic perforation function. It also comes with the Fang Ling system, offering 53 types of reference graphics commonly used for trimming, making it easy to operate and customize cuts.

The Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630  also boasts a durable and high-quality construction. Its thickened and widened heavy-duty beam guide rails and bases are wear-resistant and not easily deformed, ensuring stable and precise cutting. It also features a national patented product, a new generation of screw lifting mechanism, providing automatic lifting and protection for the lifting motor.

Portable cnc cutting machine structure

In addition to these advantages, the Portable CNC cutting machine  also offers compatibility with various software for seamless design and programming, a dual-purpose interface jack for flame and plasma cutting, and a Fengling/Zhige version drawing nesting software for easy and customizable graphics.


Upgrade your metalworking capabilities with the TPL-1630 portable CNC plasma cutter. With its portability, advanced technology, and durable construction, it is the ideal tool for businesses of all sizes. Order yours today and experience the advantages for yourself. You can aslo  follow our social media to watch more cnc cutting video .

The Main structural features of Portable CNC cutting machine TPL-1630  :

Product Specification

1. Stable and durable system

2. Heavy duty track;

3. Pure copper solenoid valves

4. Applying 95mm horizontal guide rails to enhance the stability.

In conclusion, The Anhui Gusheng TPL-1630 portable CNC plasma cutter combines lightweight construction, powerful performance and precision CNC functions for reliable metalwork anywhere. At less than 80kg, its rugged durability withstands jobsite conditions. Automatic controls and digital guidance deliver smooth, accurate cuts up to 1″ thick steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Learn how increased mobility and consistent results boost productivity for fabrication, maintenance and more.