CNC plasma cutting machine suitable for steel

The CNC plasma cutting machine for steel is an automated metal cutting tool optimized specifically for cutting and processing various types and thicknesses of steel with precision and speed. Some key things to know about portableCNC plasma cutters for steel:Computer Numeric Control – A CNC plasma cutter uses numerical programming and motorized positioning to precisely cut complex 2D and 3D shapes via coded instructions. This allows exact repeatability.
Power Source – Commercial-grade machines for steel feature powerful inverter-based power supplies, ranging from 50-150 Amps or more, enabling cutting of plate steel from 3mm up to 25mm thick.
Plasma Arc – The ultra-hot plasma arc, often using compressed air and an electrode, cleanly cuts and pierces conductive metal workpieces without burning or warping them like oxy-fuel torches.
Motion Platform – Rigid gantry, router or bridge-type builds ensure fast accurate cuts across a large work area. Automated multiple-axis setups allow intricate profiles.Touchscreen Control – Large LCD interfaces run pre-programmed cutting paths, diagnose performance, tweak settings, and integrate CAD/CAM software for efficient nesting.
Consumables – Specialized nozzles, electrodes and centralized automatic tool changing extends component lifespan when machine-cutting steel over manual.
Our best portable CNC plasma cutting machine delivers precise automated contours, speed and repeatability steel fabricators require for production efficiency when compared to manual plasma or oxy-fuel cutting. This translates to higher throughput and quality finished parts.

Optimizing your metal fabrication workflow with powerful and automated CNC plasma cutting machine.

If your workshop specializes in fabricating steel structures, vessels, machinery or more, you need a best CNC plasma cutting machine powerful enough to maximize productivity for all types of mild and stainless steels. As experts in CNC technology for metal fabrication,Gusheng has developed a range of solutions customized for reliable steel cutting.

Our heavy-duty CNC plasma cutting machine systems feature robust build quality, durable components and advanced digital controls for non-stop use cutting anything from thin sheet metal up to 50 mm thick plate. Automatic consumable detection and intelligent process control optimize arc stability no matter the material thickness or cutting conditions. Minimize delays from troubleshooting technical issues and get back to profitable work faster.

Cut Carbon Steel up to 25mm with 120 Amp plasma Power

For fabricating large or complex parts requiring faster cutting speeds on thick steel, our TPL-120A high-definition plasma cutter boasts a massive 120-amp output current. Equipped to efficiently pierce and cut plate steel up to 25mm thick. Its industrial-grade gantry movement delivers repeatable contour cutting accuracy within 0.03mm for demanding structural steel projects.

With powerful advanced inverter technology, the TPL-120A  plasma cutter achieves superior cut quality compared to standard resistor-based systems, minimizing dross and decreasing clean-up times. Large work envelopes up to 6m x 3m and automatic tool changers increase unattended production capacity for high-volume work.

Compact 80-Amp plasma Cutter Excellent for Sheet Steel

The  IGBT80A plasma cutting machine  is a versatile 80-amp machine for general fabricators working mainly with steel sheets 4-12mm thick on a variety of light to medium jobs. Its modest footprint takes up minimal floor space yet outputs accurate cuts faster than alternative techniques like oxy-fuel or even lower-amp plasma systems.

Durable rollers, bearings and brushless motors ensure smooth uninterrupted cutting ability. Large touchscreen and integrated CAD software simplify programming even complex multi-part nests on-the-fly. Mild steels up to 12mm undergo clean precise cuts without excess melt back or warping compared to lesser-powered machines.

plasma cutter

Pro-Grade portable CNC Plasma cutting machine for Production-Level Results

The advanced portable cnc plasma cutting machine 1530  with 120A plasma significantly boosts an operation’s throughput and consistency when fabricating sheets or plates up to 25mm thick on a mass production scale. Its industrial hardened construction features corrosion resistant materials able to withstand forces from frequent machining.

An intuitive large-screen control integrates full CAD, CAM and nesting tools right on the machine. Trigger rapid transition from 3D designs to consumable component manufacture through optimized programs generated in minutes. Real-time diagnostics for fast issue solving help maximize unscheduled production uptime.

portable cnc cutting machine 1530

Cutting Capacity? Plenty of CNC metal cutting machine Options for Any Application.

No matter your steel fabrication workflow, we have plasma solutions offering the ideal balance of power, accuracy and value. From 60-400 amps of digital cutting force to exact CNC precision or fast unattended production automation, discover machines tailored for structural applications or sheet metal upto 50mm thick mild and stainless steels.

Contact  Gusheng Technology directly to consult factory-trained experts on selecting the best CNC plasma cutting machine for your specific steel cutting needs. See plasma technology in action through live machining demonstrations and take advantage of our industry-leading service and support for lasting success with every steel project.