Air plasma cutting machine

Trusted by fabricators worldwide, Gusheng Technology delivers precision-engineered air plasma cutting systems for reliable cutting of any conductive material. Our versatile machines increase productivity across sheet metal fabrication, automated production and more. Cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum or any non-ferrous metal with industry-leading speeds, quality and affordability.Basic technical parameters:
1. Model number: TPL-130A
2. Input power: 220V/380V/415V  50/60HZ
3. Rated input current: 120A
4. Rated input voltage: 128V
5. Maximum cutting thickness: 45mm for steel
6. Quality cutting thickness: 0.3-22mm for hand-held type and 15mm for machine cutting
7.Cutting torch cooling mode: Air cooling
8. Dimension: 695*320*580mm
9. N.W: 52kg

Reliable Air Plasma Cutting machine for any Fabrication Task

Here at  Anhui Gusheng Technology, we’ve engineered our lineup of air plasma cutting machine to deliver precision metal cutting capabilities with maximum uptime and value. From simple sheet metal work to integrated CNC automation, there is a solution to boost productivity for any welding or fabrication workshop.

Sheet Metal Cutting Made Easy with the LGK Series plasma cutting machine

Designed with portability and ease-of-use in mind, the popular LGK-80, LGK-120 and LGK-160 machines are ideal for general manufacturing, maintenance and repair applications. Lightweight inverter-based power supplies provide smooth cutting at currents up to 160A on materials 12mm thick or less such as steel, stainless and aluminum. Soft-start cutting and integrated pattern libraries streamline repetitive cuts.

80A air plasma cutter

Robust Performance for Heavy Production with the LGK-200/400MA plasma cutter 

Larger shops rely on the consistent power of machines like the LGK-200MA and LGK-400MA. Boasting currents to 400A, these fully-enclosed solutions reliably slice through steels up to 25mm thick with production-ready speeds. Durable coolant-assisted power sources maintain thermal and voltage regulation for continuous non-stop usage. Remote diagnostics support helps minimize unplanned downtime.

160A air plasma cutting machine

High-Speed Cut Quality with the SLG Fine-Cut Series air plasma cutter.

Delicate laser-like precision is achieved through our unique high-frequency arc control technologies. The LGK-200/300/400HT machines utilize independent isolated HF starters for ultra-fine kinetic cuts in materials like stainless steel with virtually no dross, heat-affected zone or distortion. Ideal for industries like electronics, medical and more where close tolerances are paramount.

200A plasma power

Integrated Automation with the Powercut Non-HF Series plasma cutting machine.

When high-volume manufacturing is essential, we deliver fully-integrated turnkey solutions. Powercut machines seamlessly combine non-HF inverter power with advanced portable CNC cutting machine  through digital I/O control. Custom-configured automated tables and loaders maximize uninterrupted output. Comprehensive support helps maximize uptime for demanding production schedules.

In summary,Gusheng manufacturing technology and in-depth industry knowledge ensure you get the right air plasma cutting solution for any fabrication project needs. Reliable performance, service and value are core to every system we produce.

plasma cutting effect

The Advantage of Gusheng Air plasma cutting machine:

All core spares are from famous brands

Soft switch technology improves the IGBT and its reliability

Invert control power source:small volume light weight and energy saving

Air compressor,hydraulic pressure sensor:protecting cutting torch from burnt efficiently.

Two machines parallel use is available,double output current to cut over thickness metal.