Hand-held Laser welding machine

What is the handheld fiber laser welding machine?
It is a new generation of laser welding equipment, which belongs to non-contact welding. It does not need to be pressurized during the operation. Its working principle is to directly irradiate the high-energy laser beam on the surface of the material, and through the interaction between the laser and the material , so that the material inside melts, and then cools and crystallizes to form a weld.

what is the advantage of Hand held Laser welding machine:
1. Up to 4X faster than TIG.
2. Easy to learn and operate with highest process consistency.
3. High quality welding of thick, thin and reflective metals without distortion, deformation, undercut or burn-through.
4. Welding of dissimilar metal parts of different thicknesses.
5. Dramatically low heat input and minimized heat affected zone.
6. Minimal part setup and post-processing grinding or polishing.
7. Increased productivity with no need for machining or straightening deformed parts.
laser welding machineLaser welding machine Application:

Applicable to Various Metals and Alloys Such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Chro-mium, Nickel, Titanium, etc.
It is Widely Used in the Complicated and Irregular Welding Processes of Cabinets and Kitchens, Stair Lifts, Shelves, Ovens, Stainless Steel Doors and Windows Guardrails, Distribution Boxes, Stainless Steel Furniture, Metal Sheet Metal and Other Industries.

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