Air column bags wine bottle protector

air column wrap wine bottle protector

Multi-column design, when punched in one column, will fully protect your product during shipping.Packaging as needed is quick and easy. It will be ready in seconds, which will reduce warehouse and manual handling costs.The air column wrap material is flexible and can be customized in a variety of sizes and shapes. This can improve the professional look of your product.
air column wrap

Air column wrap wine bottle protector Features:

1. Multi-layer film, strong protection.
2. Environmental protection: Environmental protection is reusable.
3. Air Columns: Each air column is individually designed. The damaged air column does not affect the safety of the packaging.
4. Simple operation: Fill the car with a small air bag by pressing the “Start” button to get what you need.
5. Easy maintenance and transportation: Expand storage space when needed to save maintenance costs.
6. Protection: The airbag can hold 60-120kg after filling.
7. Different sizes and shapes: L Cap, Q Cap, U Cap to meet your packing needs.
8. Logo printing is available: We can print your logo on the roll
9. Software: Used to protect delicate items (wine bottles), valuables, electronic products, computers.TV, hard drives, light bulbs, printers, food, medicines, agricultural products, cosmetics, chemicals,Clothing, fruit, motorcycles and more.
Q Shape Wine Bottle Protective Package

Wine Bottle Proteceive Packaging Advantage:

Lowest Cost,save shipping cost, save stoage cost, save labor cost
Eco-friendly, non-Toxic
Good protection
Beauty Appreance
Light weight, easy operation