What is Air column bag?

Air column bag  is also called buffer airbags, airbags, bubble column bags, and air column cushion bag  are new packaging materials in the 21st century.

air column rollair column cushion baginflatable air column

Fully encapsulated air cushion to minimize product loss, it adopts LLDPE and NYLON lamination or coextrusion, with tensile and balanced properties, and good surface printing performance.

Using physical principles, one-time inflation, full row full, automatic air lock, forming a diving cabin,In the event of damage, only the damaged individual gas column partially fails, and the remaining gas column is completely unaffected and still retains the protective effect.AIR-BAG gas bags comply with ROHS regulations, no pollution in production, use or placement under any circumstances.

air column bag packaging advantages:

air column roll

1. High-quality PE+PA film, durable and airtight. Protection performance is more secure.

2, the basic materials by SGS test does not contain any heavy metals, burning non-toxic, in line with airtight, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly characteristics.

3. The air colum bag is inflated with air before use, and the product is designed close to the product, so it has the following advantages:
(1) Low cost: The production process is completely tailored to the computer, no need to manufacture molds, short delivery time and low cost.

(2) Save space and save trouble: Compared with traditional packaging, the space of the air column bag is small and the protection effect is better.

(3) Recyclable, belonging to category 7 recycling standards.

(4) Easy packaging, improve protection, save freight, and reduce storage space

(5) Non-polluting

(6) It can also provide seismic protection for long-term storage and airtightness.

(7) Improve corporate image: As a modern and advanced packaging material, air column bag can protect the product in transportation and also show the image of a company to consumers. We must know that for environmentally friendly companies, consumers have a certain degree of goodwill. The air column inflatable bag meets the EU ROHS green environmental protection requirements, and at the same time can reduce a lot of waste of resources. Therefore, the use of air column bags is of great help to enhance the corporate image and obtain praise from users.