Best Portable Laser Cutting Machine

Gusheng portable laser cutting machine is designed for easy installation and transport. It saves you time and effort in setup.
Key Features
High-Precision Rail
Heavy-duty laser rail ensures accuracy and stability.
Efficient Transmission
19*19 laser gear rack provides smooth and precise cutting.
Accurate Positioning
10:1 precision reducer increases cutting speed and accuracy.
Reliable Laser Source
Equipped with a well-known brand laser for excellent cutting quality.
Protective Controls
High-precision photoelectric switch prevents damage to components, extending machine life.Seamless Integration
Embedded control system works with existing flame and plasma cutting setups.
Smart Software
Intelligent nesting and cutting software included.
Customizable Cutting Table
Multiple cutting table options available to meet different material needs.
Gusheng laser cutting machine is ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and metal processing.

High-Precision Best Portable Laser Cutting Machine  for sheet metal cutting.

Gusheng portable laser cutting machine is designed for easy use and high precision at low price. It’s perfect for many industries, making setup and transport efficient while delivering excellent cutting performance.

Key Features of portable laser cutting machine :

Easy Installation
The detachable design simplifies the installation process. This makes transportation more convenient. You save time and effort, allowing for a quicker setup.
High Precision
The machine uses high-quality, globally certified parts. This ensures exceptional cutting accuracy. It has a broad application range, making it a reliable choice for many tasks.
Robust Structure
Heavy-Duty Rail: Features a heavy-duty laser-specific module rail. It is precision machined with gantry iron bed technology. This ensures track accuracy and stability.
Special Gear Rack: The 19*19 laser-specific 6-level helical gear rack provides efficient transmission. This ensures smooth and accurate cutting operations.

High-Precision Reducer:
Equipped with a 10:1 high-precision planetary reducer. It enhances speed efficiency. This enables faster and more accurate cuts.
Reliable Laser Source
Equipped with a MAX  laser, known for its stability and reliability. This ensures excellent cutting quality. It meets high-performance standards.
Safety and Durability
Incorporates high-precision electric limit control. This prevents hard limit contact, avoiding damage to components. This feature extends the equipment’s lifespan.
The control system integrates seamlessly with existing flame plasma cutters. This ensures a smooth transition and easy operation.
Smart Software
The intelligent cutting nesting software optimizes material usage. This ensures efficient cutting operations. The software is user-friendly and enhances productivity by minimizing material waste.
Customizable Table
We offer various cutting table configurations. These meet different material and size requirements. We provide the best cutting table options for your needs, considering materials, shock resistance, cleaning, and detachable laser cutting machine

Portable Laser Cutting Machine Parameters:

Laser power:1500W–6000W
Processing Area: 1500mm × 3000mm
X-Axis Travel: 1500mm
Y-Axis Travel: 3000mm
Z-Axis Travel: 120mm
Positioning Accuracy: ±0.5mm/m
Repeat Positioning Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Max Speed: 0.1-0.4G
Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz
Protection Level: IP54
Total Weight: 900Kg
Laser Power: MAX
Laser Cutting Head: Empower RayTools
CNC System: Empower
Machine Bed: Toploong
Guide: High precision
Rack: Diskary
Motors and Drives: Qingsheng
Gas Circuit: NPPC
Electrical Components: Delixi
Proximity Switch: Empower
Power Supply: MEANWELL
Control Cables: Shanghai Yichu
Monitor: Toploong
Chiller: Hanli / Special Refrigeration

Portable Laser Cutting Machine Applications:

Gusheng portable laser cutting machine is versatile and suitable for various applications. Here are some industries where it can be used:Sheet Metal Processing: Ideal for cutting various sheet metal types with high precision.
Aviation and Aerospace: Perfect for manufacturing components with strict accuracy requirements.
Electronics and Electrical Appliances: Ensures precise cutting for delicate electronic parts.
Automobiles and Machinery: Suitable for producing automotive and machinery parts.
Precision Accessories and Ships: Great for making high-precision accessories and ship components.
Household Appliances and Gifts: Excellent for crafting household appliances and decorative gifts.
Tool Processing and Decoration: Ideal for creating tools and decorative items.
Advertising: Perfect for cutting materials used in signs and advertisements.
Metal External Processing: Suitable for various metal processing tasks in different industries.

best portable laser cutting machine structure

Why Choose Gusheng Portable Laser Cutting Machine?

Gusheng detachable laser cutting machine  offers numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why it’s an excellent choice:Easy to Install and Transport: The detachable design saves time and effort. Installation and transportation are hassle-free.
High Precision and Efficiency: Our best portable laser cutting machine’s high-quality components ensure precise cutting. It also operates efficiently.
Robust and Reliable: Built with heavy-duty rails, special gear racks, and high-precision reducers. This ensures stable and accurate performance.
Safe and Durable: The electric limit control prevents damage. This extends the machine’s lifespan.
Smart Software: The intelligent cutting software optimizes material usage. It also enhances productivity.
Customizable Options: Various cutting table configurations are available. These meet different needs.

affordable laser cutting machine

affordable laser cutting machine

Watch Our Machine in Action
For a better understanding of gusheng affordable laser cutting machine‘s capabilities, watch the laser cutting video here. It showcases the machine’s performance and precision in real-world applications.