Detachable laser cutting machine

Maximize productivity on your schedule with the Detachable laser cutting machine– a fully modular laser cutting powerhouse that delivers permanent workshop precision anywhere.

Featuring a detachable design that assembles in minutes, a precision-machined track for flawless cuts, and industrial-grade performance components, this portable wonder is engineered to expand your boundaries beyond walls.

Reinvent fabrication by experiencing total laser cutting freedom – contact us today to start designing without limits!

Processing format (length × width) : 1500mm × 3000mm
X-axis travel: 1500mm
Y-axis travel: 3000mm
Z-axis travel: 100mm
X/Y axis positioning accuracy:  ±0.2mm/m
Repeatable positioning accuracy of X/Y axis : ±0.15mm
X, Y axis maximum speed : 25m/min
Maximum acceleration of X/Y axis:  1G
Recommended cutting speed for X/Y axis: 20m/min
Phase number: 2
Frequency: 50Hz
Overall power protection level: IP54
The weight of the whole machine : About 860Kg

Revolutionizing Precision and Convenience in Metal Fabrication: Introducing the Detachable Laser Cutting Machine. In the world of metal fabrication, efficiency, precision, and convenience are paramount. Imagine a cutting-edge solution that not only saves you time and effort but also delivers exceptional cutting accuracy and a wide range of applications. Look no further than the revolutionary Detachable Laser Cutting Machine. With its innovative design and advanced features, this CNC cutting machine is set to transform your metal fabrication workflow.
Detachable Laser Cutting MachineGone are the days of tedious stand construction and cumbersome installations. The Detachable CNC Laser Cutting Machine is here to simplify your life. Its unique detachable design eliminates the need for making a separate stand, making installation and transportation remarkably convenient. Simply detach the machine and effortlessly move it to your desired location.
Precision is the heart of every successful metal fabrication endeavor. With high precision photoelectric switch limit control,This portable Laser Cutting Machine ensures that hard limit contact does not damage components. This intelligent control mechanism not only prevents potential damage but also extends the equipment’s service life. Feel confident in the longevity and reliability of your machine while achieving impeccable cutting results.
Detachable Laser Cutting Machine laser cutting torch
The Detachable Laser Cutting Machine sets itself apart by utilizing key components with global quality assurance. The heavy-duty laser dedicated module track, precision machined using a gantry iron bed, guarantees track accuracy and stability. Combined with the 19 * 19 dedicated laser 6-stage helical gear bar, efficient transmission and precise positioning are achieved, resulting in smooth and flawless cutting. The 10:1 high-precision planetary reducer further enhances acceleration efficiency, making cutting faster and more accurate than ever before.

When it comes to laser cutting, the source matters. That’s why the Detachable Laser Cutting Machine partners with the renowned brand Chuangxin Laser to provide you with a stable and reliable laser source. This collaboration ensures excellent cutting quality performance, allowing you to achieve outstanding results in your projects. Experience the power of precision and the confidence of superior technology.
Safety and longevity go hand in hand. This CNC Metal Cutting Machine incorporates high precision photoelectric switch limit control, effectively preventing hard limit contact that could damage machine components. This thoughtful feature not only safeguards your investment but also ensures that your equipment serves you for years to come. Focus on your craft without worrying about unnecessary wear and tear.

Detachable Laser Cutting Machine structure
Seamless integration is a top priority. The  Laser Cutting Machine features an embedded control system that seamlessly connects with customers who have the original flame plasma cutting machine. This compatibility enables a smooth transition and ensures a hassle-free experience. Maximize efficiency and productivity as you seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge machine into your existing workflow.
To further streamline your operations, Our CNC panel Laser Cutting Machine comes equipped with intelligent cutting nesting and layout software. This intuitive software optimizes material usage and maximizes efficiency, allowing you to achieve the best possible results while minimizing waste. Take control of your projects and unleash your creativity with this user-friendly software.
We understand that every project is unique, with specific material requirements and dimensions. That’s why we offer a variety of optional cutting table configurations tailored to your needs. Whether it’s adaptability, shock resistance, cleaning, or maintenance considerations, we have you covered. Our team of experts will work closely with you to choose the most suitable cutting table configuration for your specific requirements.
Experience the future of metal fabrication with the Detachable Laser Cutting Machine. Elevate your precision, efficiency, and creativity to new heights. Say goodbye to time-consuming installations and hello to convenience. Invest in this cutting-edge technology and unlock a world of possibilities in metal fabrication. Revolutionize your workflow and achieve unparalleled results with the Detachable Laser Cutting Machine.