2KW Portable Fiber Laser cutter

For workshops constrained by limited floor space yet wanting the high-precision processing power of laser cutting technology, Gusheng brings the game-changing Portable Fiber Laser Cutter.
This innovative modular system dismantles into transportable components to assemble on-site within the smallest workspaces, providing big performance from a little footprint.

Anhui Gusheng developed their line of Portable Fiber Laser cutter to bring high-power precision fabrication capabilities to workshops constrained by limited floor space. By engineering the machine into fully transportable modules that easily reassemble on-site, this innovative laser cutting solution delivers the footprint-saving benefits small manufacturers need.

Compact Yet Industrial-Strength – Maximize Laser Cutting Power Within Tight Spaces with the Portable Fiber Laser cutter.

Portable Fiber Laser cutter technical technical date:

Model: Fiber laser cutting machine (Can be customized)
Plane cutting format (length*width) : 1500mm * 3000mm
Laser power: 1500-3000w
X-axis travel: 1500mm
Y-axis stroke: 3000mm
Y-axis positioning accuracy: 0.5mm/m
Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy: + 0.2mm/m
Maximum speed of y-axis: 2m / min
CNC system: Feibo system
Voltage: 220V / 380V
Dimension (L *W * H) : 3950*2800*1200mm

portable fiber laser cutter details

The 2000W Disassembled Laser Cutter boasts a compact assembled footprint of just 2.5×2.5 meters, minimizing real estate demands while maximizing productivity. Its modular design means the base, gantry and control components completely dismantle into compact packages optimized for shipping. Customers can roll the self-contained modules into position and reassemble the machine independent of outside installation services.

Once reconstructed, this portable laser cutting machine performs with the same high-specification performance standards as a stationary larger laser system. Its proven fiber laser source cuts sheet materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum with unparalleled accuracy at speeds up to 30 meters per minute. An automatic focus function ensures operators achieve consistent, high-quality results with minimal involvement.

portable laser cutting machine system

Minimizing setup complexity, an intuitive touchscreen interface integrated with CAM design software empowers users of all technical abilities to import files and begin laser fabrication in mere minutes. Customizable cutting parameters enable optimizing the machine for different material thicknesses and batch sizes across a diverse range of manufacturing applications.

Proudly designed and built under Shandong Gusheng’s renowned quality management standards, the modular laser cutter is constructed to deliver years of industrial-grade uptime. Its durable yet nimble construction can be transported virtually anywhere fabrication services are needed – whether prototyping shops, short-run production lines, training facilities or remote job sites.

Customers appreciate the Disassembled Laser Cutter’s flexible application for any manufacturing process hampered by overly tight floor space limitations. With minimal site preparation required, customers leverage laser precision even within the tightest urban work areas or crowded factory floors. As an affordable, plug-and-play capital purchase, it delivers a rapid return on investment through boosted output.

laser cutter head

Sectors like HVAC fabrication, artisan metalworking, furniture manufacturing and oil/gas pipeline component assembly have discovered innovative ways to accommodate laser fabrication within their allotted footprints thanks to the dismantlable laser cutter’s compact and reconfigurable design. Its plug-and-play modularity spares the hassle of building dedicated laser welding facilities.

Backed by over 10 years of laser cutting expertise, Anhui Gusheng manufactures the Portable fiber laser cutter to endure toughest industrial demands. Yet its simple portability removes barriers that smaller enterprises often face in acquiring advanced fabrication technologies. From prototyping studios to niche manufacturers, customers worldwide consistently choose this unique solution to realize laser precision within space-saving constraints.

Contact  Anhui Gusheng to discuss how a Portable fiber Laser Cutter can optimize your fabrication capacity in minimal square footage. Space-saving innovation without compromise – that is the bottom line of their modular portable laser system.