Good performance air protection column bag

Main material of the air column bag is PA/PE co-extrusion film.

The bags are used in the industries of express and logistics for protecting goods.

Other functions like internal protection for precision instruments , household use for ceramics, wine bottles and other fragile products.

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Good air protection column bag advantages:

1. Multi-layer extrusion film, stronger protection.

2. Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, Recyclable.

3. Air column: Each air column is designed separately. Any air column damaged won’t influence the safety packaging.

4. Easy operation: Inflate by Magic Air machine, just press “start” button you can get what you need.

5. Easy storage and transport: inflate when you need, saving warehousing cost.

6. Protection: Airbag stands 60-120 kg after inflated.

7. Different size and shape: air bag, air tube, air bubbles,match all your packing need.

8. Logo print available:we can print your logo on the film roll

9. Application: for protecting fragile products (wine bottle), valuables, electronic products, computers.
Good air protection column bag
Good quality air protection column bag