TPL1530 portable cnc cutting machine

Technical date sheet:
Model number :TPL-1525/1530/1560
Cutting range:1500*2500 mm(3000mm/6000mm)
Cutting thickness:Flame 5-100mm(plasma cutting thickness deponds on plasma Amp)
Cutting speed:2000-6000mm/minute
Accuracy: 0.2 mm
Working voltage: AC 220/380±10%  50HZ
Rated power: 300W

Take Your Workshop Anywhere with Our TPL1530 Portable CNC Cutting Machine – Reliable Fabrication for Any Jobsite or Location.

Metal fabricators are always looking for easier ways to boost productivity on the go. Our TPL1530 portable CNC cutting machine packs advanced digital fabrication capabilities into a compact, CE-certified package that’s ready for any jobsite.
TPL1530 portable cnc cutting machine
One standout feature enhancing this machine’s capabilities is the integrated Fangling F1621 automatic plasma torch height control. As any fabricator knows, consistent cut quality demands optimal plasma arc engagement across the range of jobsites conditions and material thicknesses we encounter daily.

The F1621 solves this challenge through its intuitive sensing technology. A microprocessor monitors the arc voltage signature thousands of times per second. If it detects any deviation from the ideal characteristics, the controller precisely adjusts current output to the torch automatically restoring the perfect cut condition.

No more time wasted manually tweaking torch height or air pressure knobs hoping to rediscover that sweet spot. With the F1621 engaged, operators stay focused on the cutting task at hand confident clean cuts will result no matter what gets thrown at us next.

Beyond steady operation, Fangling engineers added a new dynamic perforation function. When marking a series of repetitive penetrations, the F1621 analyzes the pattern identifying the optimal speed for each individual pierce. This maximizes throughput for any production run versus guesswork changes between manual tests.

With the F1621’s simple setup and “set it and forget it” performance, our crew can count on consistent cut quality every time. That means less scrap and reworks, keeping jobs profitable even through challenges that come our mobile industrial environment. It’s innovations like this automatic sensor technology that define our trusted brand of portable CNC cutting machine.
TPL 1530 portable cnc cutting machine F1621s
For standard shapes, we’ve stored 53 premade graphics in the onboard library—that’s everything from straight lines and basic circles up to complex mechanical drawings. But more than templates, our TPL1530 portable CNC cutting machine allows for limitless creativity. Through the user-friendly interface, design variations are just mouse clicks away. Drawings may be scaled at will to prototype any concept or tweak nesting efficiency as needed.
TPL1530 cnc cutting machine graphics
What really stands this cnc cutting machine  apart is the well-engineered chassis. The sturdy gantry frame starts with thickened, widened beams and base rails rated for nonstop heavy duty.

For any fabrication shop, occasional needs arise requiring supplementary metalworking processes beyond mainstay CNC cutting. Our TPL1530 portable cnc cutting machine  addresses this versatility through its dual-function torch interface system.

Whether a job demands the shallow penetration of oxy-fuel flame or deeper precision plasma cutting, operators can switch between consumables on the fly. A sturdy yet portable welding/cutting package demands flexibility to handle tasks however they emerge.

Rather than bring extra untethered torches mucking up the work area, our integrated jack ports accept either Flame cutting or plasma cutting torch with a simple thumbscrew attachment. Within moments one transitions seamlessly to the next process, keeping production flowing uninterrupted.

Clear labels guide even inexperienced users towards selecting proper consumables and initiating the compatible process software routines. Compatible torch triggers and control pendants mean controls feel identical between cutting methods, eliminating a learning curve.

This dual-functionality opens new doors for mobile service outfits. With a single solution, fabricators can now bid on jobs previously out of reach due to limited processing means. Versatility strengthens the business case for portable CNC automation everywhere it’s needed.

Whether in tense production schedules or unexpected field repairs, the dual-interface excedes expectations where other machines fall short due to lack of multiprocess agility. It’s innovations like this enhancing our reputation as the leader in productive fabrication without boundaries.

Additional details include bearing guided rails boasting redundancy for long-term precision. Its integrated base with 8 T22 bearings in the horizontal direction and 4 V39 bearings in the longitudinal direction offers a stable and durable structure. The dual-purpose interface jack allows for flame and plasma cutting, providing clear and convenient operation.

But why bring paper drawings to the field? Our Fengling/Zhige version drawing nesting software allows for drawing graphics at will, making it simple and easy to use.

Are you new to our machines or just need a refresher on certain functions? Our CNC cutting machine teaching video library on youtube is a great resource for self-paced training.

Whether you need guidance setting up the hardware connections and software package or want to level-up your programming skills, we’ve got you covered. Tutorials guided by experienced operators walk through the entire workflow from start to finish.

Programming novices can learn the basics like how to construct 2D designs, generate toolpaths and optimize cutting plans. But even seasoned CNC hands might discover time-saving techniques in our collection of tips and troubleshooting solutions.

With step-by-step visuals and expert narration tailored specifically to our suite of portable fabrication tools, our youtube channel translate seamlessly to real-world applications. Keep production rolling by preparing virtually through our on-demand lessons.

Give us a call today to experience how Gusheng Technology bring new standards of shop-quality fabrication to even the most demanding on-site scenarios. Our engineers incorporated every advancement to maximize your team’s productivity without compromise. Because after all, it’s not the size that matters – it’s how you use it!