welding and cutting dual purpose plasma source

Basic technical parameters:
1. Model number: LGK-80IA
2. Input power: 3-380V  50HZ
3. Rated output current: 80A
4. Rated output voltage: 128V
5. Adjusting range of current:30-80A
6. Maximum cutting thickness: 35mm for steel
7. Quality cutting thickness: 0.3-18mm
8.Cutting torch cooling mode: Air cooling
9. Dimension: 695*320*580mm
10. N.W: 48kg

LGK-80A plasma source
All core spares are from famous brands
Soft switch technology improves the IGBT and its reliability
Invert control power source:small volume light weight and energy saving
Air compressor,hydraulic pressure sensor:protecting cutting torch from burnt efficiently.
Two machines parallel use is available,double output current to cut over thickness metal.