how to use the handheld laser welding machine

Operation method of best handheld laser welding machine

Understand the operation method of the best hand-held laser welding machine and use it correctly in the work. On the one hand, in order to improve the welding quality and efficiency; on the other hand, it can reduce equipment loss and extend the service life of the machine; on the other hand, it is to avoid accidents during operation. Safe Production.

Laser welding uses the laser beam as the heat source. The laser is generated by the laser source. The laser pulse heats the material in a small range. After the energy is increased, it is transmitted to the inside of the material through heat conduction, and the material is liquefied to form a molten pool.
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Peration method of laser  welding machine:

Preparation before use
1. Check whether the power supply is correctly connected.
2. Check whether the water temperature and water volume of the cooling system are normal.
3. Check whether the protective gas is connected.
4. Check whether the surface of the machine is clean.

1. Turn on the main power switch, chiller, laser, etc. in turn.
2. Open the argon gas valve and connect the argon gas.
3. Set the corresponding parameters according to the properties and thickness of the material to be welded.
4. The  laser hand-held welding machine can carry out a variety of welding modes, realize large-scale and automatic welding, flexible and accurate. However, it should be noted that laser radiation can cause damage to human eyes and skin, so avoid pointing at yourself or others, especially eyes, during welding operations.

The working principle of laser welding machine and laser cutting machine is to use laser energy, but it is not a matter of dual-use by changing the laser head. Their optical paths and components are different .