CNC Cutting Machine for Boiler Manufacturing

What kind of CNC cutting machine is suitable for boiler manufacturing?

The boiler is an energy conversion equipment. The energy input to the boiler comes in the form of chemical energy, electrical energy, and thermal energy of high-temperature flue gas. After conversion by the boiler, steam, high-temperature water, or organic heat carriers with a certain amount of thermal energy are output.
cnc cutting machine for industry boiler
The quality of boiler manufacturing directly affects the safety, reliability and service life of boiler operation. The quality of the boiler includes design quality, manufacturing quality and installation quality. In the process of boiler manufacturing, the quality requirements for welding and cutting are relatively strict. If scientific and effective management and strict quality control are not adopted, quality problems will occur, affecting the safe and reliable operation of the boiler and major safety accidents. Therefore, boiler manufacturing has strict requirements on welding process and cutting process.
Let’s talk about the requirements of boiler manufacturing for cutting process:
1. The current boiler manufacturing industry has abandoned the original manual cutting and profiling cutting, and Gusheng CNC cutting machine have become an indispensable cutting partner in the boiler manufacturing industry. CNC flame plasma cutting machine can cut any graphics or special-shaped parts composed of straight lines and curves. It cuts quickly, efficiently, operates stably and with high precision. CNC flame cutting of medium and thick plates saves time and effort. The cut parts are smooth and burr-free, and does not require secondary processing; CNC plasma cutting of thin plates is fast, precise and efficient, prevents thermal deformation, can reduce labor, and can perform common edges. Cutting reduces cutting lines, saving time and materials. After the layout is arranged, simulation can be carried out. Any corner of the steel plate can be set as the origin.

2. Judging from the application of several commonly used CNC cutting machines,
The function and performance of the CNC flame cutting machine have been relatively perfect. Especially the emergence of domestic operating systems based on industrial control computers, the application of automatic conversion software for graphic cutting codes, coupled with its unique advantages in cutting medium-thick plates and low processing costs, Gusheng CNC cutting machine  will be the first choice for plate cutting within a certain period of time. Cutting workhorse.
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3. Boiler products are mainly thin plate parts with many parts, and the materials and shapes are different. The laser cutting machine has good flexibility and can process any complex graphics, cutting pipes and other special-shaped materials. In addition, laser cutting belongs to non-contact cutting, which ensures that the plate will not be scratched. The heat-affected area of ​​the cutting edge is small, and there is basically no thermal deformation, which belongs to green manufacturing and processing.