The best cnc cutting machine for making Wrought iron doors and windows

What is the best cnc cutting machine for making Wrought iron doors and windows?

Wrought iron doors and windows are an artistic skill that integrates the characteristics of forging, rolling, welding, surface treatment and other processes. Most iron products are not only safety protection and anti-theft products, but also artistic products that decorate and beautify the environment. Therefore, during the production process, on the one hand, we must reflect the beauty and artistry of the product, and at the same time, we must pay attention to the firmness and durability of the product. The process from raw materials to products is called process flow.
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1. Master the customer’s design requirements, communicate with the customer, then modify the design and finalize, draw, lay out, process, surface treatment, painting, and packaging.

2. Collision with the customer’s aesthetic conception and sparking shock and excitement is half the success of the work. When designing, we are customer-led. When contacting customers, we have an in-depth understanding of the aspects of this iron art project such as the customer’s aesthetic level and preferences, environmental style requirements, product usage functions, material requirements, shape requirements, structural strength requirements, and surface effects. The requirements, construction site conditions, coordination with other on-site processes, etc., must be clearly controlled. In particular, designers must coordinate the composition design from various comprehensive factors, and use their own creativity and imagination to discuss with customers using their own ideas and thoughts to make the two parties’ intentions consistent. After the design composition is determined, the designer first hand-draws multiple sketches. After the client selects them, he or she will produce 3D renderings or CAD drawings.
3. Treatment before processing:

raw materials
(1) Acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials (flat steel, square steel, welding rods, paint);
2) Each raw material shall be accepted according to the company’s acceptance standard documents;
(3) Packaging materials are accepted according to the company’s inspection standard documents;
(4) Ingredients;
5) Proofing: Produce small samples in proportion from computer design drawings;

4. Processing:
Forging accessories
(1) Cutting: Professionals will cut the material according to the drawing size; Modern CNC cutting machine brings convenience to the exquisiteness of iron art. Plates with a thickness of tens of millimeters can be cut by gas, plasma, or waterjet. For plates with high precision requirements, laser cutting machine (the most expensive one) and wire cutting (the cost is second only to laser cutting) can also be used. Of course, a large number of products are cut with ordinary saw blade cutting machines, which have average precision and are suitable for products that do not require too high precision.
(2) Production: Use imported equipment to make various patterns
(3) Welding: Welded and formed by professional welding personnel according to the drawings;

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Assembling and welding
(4) Polishing: Professional polishing personnel will polish the welded and formed products smooth and free of burrs;
(5) Surface treatment: remove oil stains, rust, etc. on the surface of the product;
(6) Anti-rust treatment: Use hot-dip galvanizing to keep the product rust-free for a long time;
(7) Paint: Use high-grade paint to make the product show luster.
3. Paint:

spray paint
(1) The rust must be removed first, and it must be completely removed. Use an iron brush to remove rust.
(2) Anti-rust paint must be applied.
(3) Then choose a paint that can be brushed on metal. It is best to ask an oilman to spray paint, so that the paint film will be more uniform, because the irregular shape of the stair handrails is not ideal for painting. Sand it before painting. If it has been installed, there should be no dust in the house. It is best to clean it.