PP cement sling jumbo container bag

Top Option (Filling): Top Full Open
Loop Option (Lifting): Side-Seam Loop
Bottom Option (Discharge): Flat Bottom
Safety Factor: 5:1
Feature: Recycled
Loading Weight: 800-2500kg
Material:100% new PP
Fabric:120g-180g/m2 polypropylene woven
Color: White, green, yellow, black
loading weight: 1000kg/1200kg/1500kg/2000kg

Jumbo container bag also known as flexible freight bags, container bags, space bags, etc., is a medium-sized bulk container and a kind of container unit appliances. Equipped with cranes or forklifts, it can realize container unit transportation.
jumbo container bag
Four-Panel – The four-panel bag is the best bag for staying square other than a baffle bag. It is made of up four pieces of fabric that make up the sides and one for the bottom.  These are all sewn together which resists the stretching tendencies of the bag and holds it in a cube shape much better.
Baffle – This style will be the best at keeping the cube shape of your product when the bag is loaded. It has additional baffles sewn down each corner to act as a pocket to fill each corner.  In addition, there are other pockets sewn on each side for all the product to gather around the baffles and pockets.  These are perfect if you have a small diameter product such as soybeans which can flow through the baffles without getting hung up. These bulk bags will be easier to stack as they will make a nice square cube.Product features:
jumbo container bag can be widely used in the packaging of various powder, granular and block items, such as chemicals, building materials, plastics, mineral products. It’s the most ideal product for warehousing, transportation and other industries.Advantages:
It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-proof, firm, safe, and sufficient structural strength. Therefore,the jumbo bags are easy to transport.
They have the characteristics of large volume/ light weight and easy loading and unloading.Jumbo bag is one of the most common packaging materials.