Jumbo FIBC bulk bag

Top Option (Filling): Top Full Open
Loop Option (Lifting): Side-Seam Loop
Bottom Option (Discharge): Flat Bottom
Safety Factor: 5:1
Feature: Recycled
Loading Weight: 800-2500kg
Material:100% new PP
Fabric:120g-180g/m2 polypropylene woven
Color: White, green, yellow, black
loading weight: 1000kg/1200kg/1500kg/2000kg

Jumbo FIBC bulk bag is one of the most common packaging materials.

Product features:
Our bag can be widely used in the packaging of various powder, granular and block items, such as chemicals, building materials, plastics, mineral products.It’s the most ideal product for warehousing, transportation and other industries.

It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-proof, firm, safe, and sufficient structural strength. Therefore,the jumbo bags are easy to transport. They have the characteristics of large volume/ light weight and easy loading and unloading.

jumbo FIBC bulk bag shapes

Manufacturing process
Jumbo FIBC bulk bag takes polypropylene as the main raw material, adds a small amount of stable seasoning, evenly mixes, melts and extrudes the plastic film through the extruder, cuts it into silk, then stretches it, makes the PP precursor with high strength and low elongation through heat setting, and then makes the base cloth of plastic woven cloth through textile and film coating, and sews it with suspenders and other accessories to make a ton bag.

Performance parameter:
Applicable type: Reusable / disposable
Shape: square / rectangular/
Lifting method: Top / side / bottom
Feed inlet: with feed inlet / without feed inlet (large opening / waterproof cover cloth)
Discharge port: with / without discharge port
Raw material: polypropylene (PP)
Load capacity: 0.3t-2t

Points for attention:
1. Do not stand under the PP jumbo bag during hoisting operation.
2. Please hang the lifting hook in the center of the sling or rope, and do not lift it obliquely, lift it on one side or pull it obliquely for bagging.
3. Do not rub, hang or collide with other articles during operation.
4. Do not pull the sling to the outside in the opposite direction.
5. When forklift is used for container bag operation, please do not make the fork contact or tie into the bag body to prevent breaking the container bag.
6. When handling in the workshop, try to use pallets to avoid hanging the container bags, shaking and handling at the same time.
7. The container bags shall be kept upright during loading, unloading and stacking.
8. Do not keep the container bag upright.
9. Do not drag the container bag on the ground or concrete.
10. When it is necessary to keep it outdoors, the container bag shall be placed on the shelf, and the container bag must be tightly covered with opaque shed cloth.
11. After use, wrap the container bag with paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.

jumbo FIBC bulk bag drawing