Advantage of portable CNC gantry plasma cutting machine

Portable CNC gantry plasma cutting machine is popular because of the transformation of domestic enterprises. In China, more and more enterprises use CNC cutting machine to process all kinds of workpieces, and the products are oriented to all walks of life. Most enterprises have strict requirements on equipment cost control and stability, so the cost of traditional heavy gantry restricts the choice of most users. The monorail support of portable cutting machine has poor lateral stability, which also makes many industries unable to use. The design of light gantry fully implements the simplified concept of portable cutting machine, maintains the stable structure of gantry, and reduces the cost to the minimum. It is not difficult to see that the portable  gantry will be a star product if it retains its advantages and meets the market demand.portable cnc gantry cutting machine

Structural features 1: the main structure of the portable CNC gantry plasma cutting machine is made of aluminum alloy and molded by mould. Die forming makes the structure more precise and stable, and it is easy to be corrected manually when the size deviation occurs. The light weight of the light gantry makes it possible to drive with bearings and optical shafts. The bearing made of high-strength alloy steel can move on the optical axis to minimize the resistance and reduce the power required for driving. It can be fast and light.

light weight gantry CNC cutting machine

Structural characteristics 2: transverse simultaneous interpreting structure is fixed in traditional Longmen, and only a portable lifting device is mounted to move around. The longitudinal two groups of motors drive the main and secondary boxes respectively. The main and secondary boxes bear the transverse weight together, and the whole transverse weight can be easily handled by two people. Therefore, when cutting machine, the moving speed can reach more than 10000mm/min, and the walking is stable, and neither traditional gantry nor portable cutting machine can reach.

Gantry plasma cutting machine