How to choose laser cutting machine

Tube laser cutting machine  can cut both metal plates and metal pipes. At present, there are mps-3015dt, mps-3015ct and other plate and tube integrated laser cutting machines.

laser cutting machine

In the metal processing industry, the application laser cutting machine is more and more extensive. Many metal processing manufacturers have both the demand for processing metal plates and the demand for processing metal pipes. The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine is naturally the first choice. It can not only meet the processing needs of customers, but also save the cost of equipment procurement. Why not use one machine for multiple purposes?
Everyone will pay attention to the price of the plate tube laser cutting machine. When we purchase it, we are often confused. Then, how can we choose a reasonable price, good performance and cost-effective equipment? Let’s talk today.
First of all, we need to be clear that the price of the plate tube laser cutting machine is determined by many factors such as brand, laser, motor, laser head, equipment power, fuselage technology, etc. As a new type of scientific and technological product in line with the market demand, it has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting speed, etc., and is favored by the majority of customers. Now, the domestic laser market is gradually mature, but the low-cost competition also follows. The equipment with the same power varies from good to bad, and the price varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Many customers are attracted by some low-cost equipment, and the equipment purchased at last has many problems, which affects the normal operation of the production line.

tube laser cutting machine
Some of them have outer surrounding structure, which can reduce laser radiation. However, the price will rise naturally. For the laser, the price of the imported laser is usually higher, but the cost performance of the domestic laser will be higher. For example, if you buy an mps-3015dt, the price of the self-made super energy laser will be much cheaper. In terms of equipment function, the more equipment functions, the higher the price. Similarly, the higher the power, the larger the breadth of equipment, the higher the price. This is a direct impact on the price of several major factors. In addition to the equipment itself, some additional value of the equipment also affects the final price of the equipment. The higher the brand awareness, the higher the price, the better the brand, the better the company’s pre-sales and after-sales service, which can guarantee the follow-up of the equipment.
The selection of plate tube laser cutting machine should be based on their actual needs, not blindly pursue low price, but not blindly pay attention to quality. When purchasing equipment, we must conduct multi-dimensional inspection and multi-dimensional comparison to purchase a cutting equipment that is suitable for ourselves and has high cost performance.