How to save the packing cost by using jumbo bag?

Learn these methods of loading and unloading PP jumbo bag, and your packaging cost will be greatly reduced! PP jumbo bag

1.good loading method

Before loading, the PP jumbo bag is usually suspended with a lifting device, and the bottom of the bag contacts the ground or tray, and then the material opening of the container bag is opened, sleeved into the loading cylinder and clamped to prevent dust or particles from leaking out.

Start the filling machine to load the raw materials into the bag from the loading port. During filling, the bag body needs to be straightened before operation.After filling, close the discharge port.

If the container bag has a discharge port or other discharge parts, check whether it is fastened or closed before loading.

2.Stacking stability

The height of the filled container bag should be 0.5 ~ 2 times the minimum side length (rectangular bottom) or bottom diameter (circular bottom) of the container bag bottom, so that the container bag is relatively stable when stacked.

Other factors affecting the stacking stability of container bags, such as the flow characteristics of loaded materials, the space vacated in the bag and the air retained in the bag. The stacking stability of container bags can be improved by shaking the container bags during loading and squeezing the trapped air after loading.

pp jumbo bag

3.Precautions for container unloading

When loading and unloading with a forklift, the forklift foot forks the pallet at the bottom of the goods for unloading. Do not just fork the two lifting lugs on the top of the goods and pull them out. If there is no tray, try to fork four lifting lugs to unload together. Prevent the packing bag from being damaged due to uneven stress of goods.

Container bags are usually unloaded by gravity, but sometimes suction pipes are also used for unloading. When gravity is used for unloading, the unloading speed can be controlled by adjusting the size of the unloading port.

The disposable container bag can be unloaded by simply cutting the bottom of the bag. Cutting the bottom of the disposable container bag requires a cutting knife with a handle of appropriate length.

For the container bag with discharge port, the operator shall untie the tether of the discharge port after it is safely hung. The operator must not stand under the container bag.

Appropriate dust control measures shall also be taken during loading and unloading to avoid flying of loaded materials. In case of electrostatic hazard, corresponding measures shall be taken.