Tips for using cnc plasma cutter torch

This issue will focus on how to correctly use the cnc plasma cutter torch to avoid loss.In the process of plasma automatic cutting controlled by CNC cutting  machine, the operator will leave the operating platform, or far away from the cutting workpiece. Because of improper operation, it often causes damage to the cnc plasma cutter torch. aking the fine cutting torch as an example, the plasma can be divided into several parts. The damage of the torch head will lead to the scrapping of the whole cutting torch, and the parts on the torch head can be replaced and used again. As shown in the figure below:plasma cutting machine torch P80instructions:

1. The gas electric output and arc lead should be insulated separately;

2. There is a sealing ring at the water-cooled plasma electrode. After the electrode is assembled, the external water stains must be cleaned before the installation and use;

3. The detachable parts such as cutting nozzle are vulnerable parts, which need to be replaced immediately if they are damaged;

4. If the cutting nozzle and other parts are damaged and not replaced in time, other parts and even the cutting gun head will be scrapped;

5. The high oil-water content in the air is easy to cause damage and scrap of the cutting torch. The air must be kept dry. The recommended power of the air compressor is more than 1.5KW, and the air storage tank is not less than 50L;

6. If the cutting seam becomes larger and inclined, the color around the cutting part changes seriously, the arc light changes color, and the parts have defects, check and replace the damaged parts in time.

Fine cutting torch recommended: tpl100

plasma cutter torch