Does a plasma metal cutting machine need air?

Inverter plasma metal cutting machine requires gas assistance when cutting, usually direct use of compressed air for auxiliary cutting. The gas quality is directly related to the cutting quality and affects the life of accessories and cutting tools. The basic gas source requirements of the plasma cutting machine will be explained below.

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The minimum gas storage volume of the plasma metal cutting machine working gas pump is 40L, and the gas volume 60L-80L can be used for continuous cutting by machine. The gas storage volume above 120L can make the continuous cutting pressure more stable. If you want to achieve the best cutting effect, you need to use a gas storage tank and Air compressor. Insufficient gas capacity can easily cause instability of the cutting air pressure, resulting in poor cutting results and damage to the cnc plasma cutter torch.

Generally, the pressure of the gas storage tank is stable at about 0.7-0.8Mpa, and the actual working pressure of the plasma can reach above 0.5Mpa. 0.45-0.55Mpa is the ideal cutting pressure. In addition, water-cooled plasma and fine cutting torches have high requirements for air pressure. (There will be differences depending on the plasma and cutting torch)

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Compressed air, such as oily water and other impurities, will affect the cutting quality, reduce the life of consumables, and directly cause the torch to be destroyed and scrapped. Adding a three-stage filter can ensure the air quality, and the fine cutting torch must be equipped with a three-stage filter.